Day Porter Cleaning Services

When you hire day porter services from Capital Cleaning you can assure you are being as proactive as possible to help keep your clients and employees safe.  We have the latest technology and equipment to provide the world-class day porter services you need.  In addition to it, our team is periodically trained to detect and avoid hazards, this practice is both beneficial to our company and your business. By hiring professional porters, you have the extra support to take care of the day-to-day inconveniences that might arise. In today’s normal the cleanliness of your business is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Day porter services provided by Capital Cleaning offer the hygienic cleaning your employees and clients need.
day porter cleaning services
Capital Cleaning provides the most comprehensive day porter options to your business. Day porter services are ideal cleaning services for facilities with large occupancy.  A business with a high number of employees and visitors can benefit from having porters available that align with your specific industry needs. Day porters offer a deeper cleaning and sanitizing approach by being there when you need them. Aside from providing immediate cleaning services, porters are trained to display a professional attitude and courtesy in the workplace.

We implement a checklist for each facility that we follow strictly focusing on:

Our team provides a variety of tasks, including delivering mail, setting up functions, serving food, arranging furniture, changing light bulbs, setting up the conference room, etc.

Whether your facility requires a tightly controlled environment, a demanding high-traffic environment, or a small, low-traffic facility, we customize the right program with the right team at competitive prices.

We also provide office cleaning services in Billerica, MA, Woburn, MA, and Worcester, MA.

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